Get High-speed Satellite Internet from Viasat

Viasat has the bandwidth to connect remote areas throughout the United States. More than 95% of locations in America are compatible enough to get Viasat Internet for home or Viasat business Internet

Viasat Internet – The Journey

  • Viasat was originally launched way back in 1986 by Mark Dankberg, Mark Miller, Steve Hart
  • Viasat went through its initial public offering(IPO) for the first time in December 1996
  • Viasat launched TrellisWare technology in 2000, which was a spin-off company
  • Viasat started integrating with Connexion by Boeing(CBB) to render in-flight Internet from 2001
  • Viasat acquired WildBluefor a price of $568 million on December 15, 2009
  • Viasat started offering broadband internet service in the name of Exede from 2012 which is powered by Viasat-1 satellite

How does the Viasat Internet operate?

Say, for instance, when you try to launch Twitter or Facebook application using the Viasat Internet, Viasat modem receives your request first and then processes it to the dish outside your home. The Dish just regulates your request straight to our Satellite orbiting around the planet Earth. Consequently, Viasat Satellite diverts it back to the gateway station in our ground network. The main role of the Viasat satellites is to broadcast the signal between your Home and Viasat gateway. After processing your request, Viasat gateway sends it back to satellite which in-turn completes your request by launching the application. All these processes might feel grueling but everything happens in micro or milliseconds.

Viasat Satellites

Viasat, in 2013, got past the accreditation of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for deploying Ka-band earth stations 

  • WildBlue 1was launched from French Guiana way back in December 2006 which is a ka-band spot beam satellite
  • Viasat-1was launched from Kazakhstan way back in October 2011 which is a high-throughput satellite
  • Viasat-2was launched from French Guiana back in June 2017 with a throughput of 300 Gbit/s. It helped to expand the geographic area covered by Viasat-1 satellite
  • Viasat-3satellite is scheduled for launch on the late 2020s or early 2021s

Reasons to Get Viasat Internet

  • Because it’s super quick! Even Viasat’s 12 Mbps download speeds are zippier than traditional DSL speeds & 4G LTE mobile speeds
  • High-speed satellite Internet is available throughout the United States as more than 95% of locations are compatible to get Viasat Home or Viasat Business Internet
  • Stay with Viasat Internet for 2-years by the means of price-lock feature from Viasat.
  • Get Viasat Internet at the affordable price with a bill that doesn’t change for 2-years
  • Now you can switch providers anytime with no long-term contract feature with Viasat Internet plans
  • Relish Viasat Internet plans with no overage fees
  • Viasat has a speed range for almost everything from streaming music or streaming HD video or video chatting activities

Viasat Satellite Internet has all the eligible speeds to meet the majority of your needs! Call us @ +1-844-804-3050 and get Viasat Internet now

Get Viasat Internet in just 3-steps

#1 Pick a Plan

Choose any of the affordable Internet plans for you! Viasat has Internet plans for every budget starting from $50/mo. Plans subject to availability

#2 Fix Installation time

Get Viasat technical installation at your preferred time! Viasat technicians will take care of everything right from testing signal in your area to deploying Viasat modem in your house

#3 All-set to relish Viasat Internet

High-speed Satellite Internet from Viasat helps you to browse web pages, checking mails, or downloading videos

Viasat Internet Plans

Unlimited Bronze 12 – starting at $50/mo

  • Download speeds up to 12 Mbps
  • Data cap between 35-40 GB
  • Price-lock feature for 2-years
  • Video streaming at 360p quality is possible with these speeds

Unlimited Silver 25 – starting at $70/mo

  • Download speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • 60 GB data cap
  • Price-lock guarantee for 2-years
  • Video streaming at 480p quality is possible

Unlimited Gold 50 – starting at $100/mo

  • Download speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • 100 GB data cap
  • Price-lock feature for 2-years
  • Video streaming at 720p quality is possible with these speeds

Unlimited Platinum 100 – starting at $150/mo

  • 150 GB data cap
  • Price-lock feature for 2-years
  • HD video streaming is possible with this speed

Disclaimer:  Viasat Internet prices are subject to promo pricing for new customers for the first 3-months. Prices might increase after the three-months

Does Viasat really mean Unlimited data?

Viasat’s Unlimited data plans don’t necessarily mean unlimited high-speed data! Viasat renders priority data identical to unlimited cell phone plans where you’ll experience slow down speeds

Viasat does index soft-data caps with its Internet plans which eventually results in slow speeds once you exceed the data limit with the plan you choose!

Viasat Liberty plans

Liberty 12 – starting at $50/mo

  • Internet speeds up to 12 Mbps
  • Price-lock for 2-years
  • 12GB priority data
  • Built-in Wi-Fi at no extra cost

Liberty 25 – starting at $75/mo

  • Internet speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • Price-lock for 2-years
  • 25GB priority data
  • Built-in Wi-Fi at no additional cost

Liberty 50 – starting at $100/mo

  • Internet speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • Price-lock for 2-years
  • 50GB priority data
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

What’s special about Viasat Liberty plans?

Utilize high-speed satellite Internet with Liberty plans. You can continue using download speeds from 1 to 5 Mbps even when you exceed the monthly data allowance. Make use of Viasat browser and curb the data usage with the help of ad-blocking feature

What’s mean by priority data?

Every Viasat Internet plan comes up with the priority data. When you stay within the usage of priority data limit, you’ll get speeds from 12 to 25 Mbps. When you finish up using the priority data, using the Internet is still feasible but with reduced speeds

Viasat Basic 25 plan – starting at $50/mo

  • Internet speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • 12GB data cap
  • Free Zone 3 am – 6 am daily

What is Viasat Free Zone?

Usage of unmetered data at particular hours is what Viasat Free Zone is meant to be! Data usage at this particular time won’t count against your data allowance

Free Zone time for various Viasat Internet plans

Summary of Viasat Internet Speeds

*Pieces of Information mentioned here are just for informational purposes and of mere approximation. Time taken for downloading might vary depending upon network traffic in your location

Viasat Satellite Internet FAQs

Does Viasat have termination fees?

It certainly depends on whether you choose a no-contract or contract option. Viasat will ask you a no-contract fee of $300 whereas you might wanna pay a Viasat early termination fee (ETF) of $15/mo for the remaining months in your contract if you already enrolled under it!

Whether there is an option to procure more data?

Yes, there is! You can either upgrade your plan with more priority data or you can procure Viasat buy more data in 1 GB increments. Get 5GB at $48, 7GB at $67, 10GB at $95

What’s Viasat EasyCare program?

Viasat renders additional support for Viasat Internet service with plans starting from $8.99/mo. This Viasat Easycare program is available along with Viasat Internet plans 

What can I get with Viasat Easycare program?

With this program, you might get an extra level of support like service calls, discounted annual dish relocation support, and most importantly you might relish prioritized customer support from Viasat round the clock

I’m a new customer, How much I need to pay for Viasat Easy care?

Viasat Easycare program is available at no extra cost for new Viasat Internet customers for the first 3-months.