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One of the major providers of satellite internet, provides services across the United States. With some areas offering Viasat unlimited data plans and even speeds of up to 100 Mbps, bringing it at par with most cable and DSL providers, it is considered as one of the best rural internet options, especially if you are beyond city limits.

Viasat Internet (Exede)

Viasat, formerly known as Exede is a major satellite internet service provider. The service is generally deployed in areas where terrestrial service providers cannot reach. Connect with an internet speed of up to even 100 Mbps when you receive signals directly from the satellite into your dish. Certified professionals from Viasat accomplish system and equipment setup and installation. Even while initially being launched to primarily provide internet services for out-of-coverage areas, Viasat subsequently grew to cover the entire American Continent, Hawaii and Alaska. Package and plan options for the service depend upon the zip code. Users can reach out to to enter their zip and check subscription offerings for their area.

High Speed Internet – internet comes with a wide range of speed thresholds with the lowest being about 5 Mbps – enough for just one person to stream a YouTube Video or at least 100 Mbps – a speed meant for larger organizations. There are other plans ranging from 12 Mbps to 30 Mbps as well good enough for online gaming, downloads and in many cases, live streaming. Find the plans meant for your particular area with the help of the zip code. Check Viasat internet reviews

Several bandwidth options are available as well but most of them fall between 12 GB to 25 GB. Some areas receive premium packages that come with 50 GB of data while others have only 10 GB plans. Users may have to check with the local Viasat distributor for the plans available in a particular region

Major States & Cities with Viasat

Even though Viasat has good network coverage throughout United States, we find Viasat has much stronger base in these cities

Major States & Cities

Viasat Internet


  • At the end of the billing cycle, users do not have to worry about overage fees
  • If all of your priority data has been used up, then the speeds drop to 1 to 5 Mbps automatically – for the Freedom and Liberty plan subscribers
  • For users who plan to go over their monthly data limit, can still do so at low speeds
  • When you hit particular thresholds, such as 40 GB or 60 GB for particular plans, then speeds still slow down but not up to 1 to 5 Mbps; but when the network is unduly busy, the users’ internet speed is deprioritized


Basic equipment required for a satellite internet service would be:

Router or Modem

  • For controlling data flow to and from the satellite dish
  • Compact Viasat modem provided –equipped with a Voice Service Adapter and an in-built router

Dish for satellite

  • Not a regular satellite TV Dish but looks just like one for utmost compatibility
  • This piece of equipment is provided by Viasat for utmost compatibility with the reception


  • For high-speed navigation, it is best to install the Viasat Browser.
  • Your Viasat internet browsing is enhanced with the help of this personalized browser.

Installation Process

With a combination of materials and a small setup and installation process, certified technicians from Viasat will place the equipment in the best possible position after assessing your premises.

  • Basic Materials Required

    • Satellite dish
    • Transceiver
    • Bracket assembly
    • Viasat cable (7 ft. long approx.)
    • Modem for Viasat internet
    • Connect modem and antenna with an RG-6 cable (150 ft. long approx.)
    • Hardware for mounting and cabling
  • Mounting

    • There are basically three types of standard mounting options – the Sloped Roof, the Wall Mount and the Pole Mount
    • Two of the non-standard installation types are – Non-Penetrating Roof Mount and the Under Eave Mount
    • The technician will evaluate the area to perform the type of installation that best fits your facility
  • Services

    • The certified technician travels to the location for installation
    • After a site survey, the complete installation technique is planned and customer input also obtained on the premises
    • Adherence to all electrical rules and regulations including FCC and any other grounding dish requirements
    • Cable routing planned through the floor, or from one of the interior walls and one is from the exterior wall
    • Customer account activation, testing for internet access, and signing of service agreement
  • Lease Fee

    • All satellite terminal equipment is available for lease from Viasat
    • A fee is charged inclusive of all the equipment set up for access to the Viasat Internet
    • For the best support, it is recommended that users subscribe to Viasat supplied antenna and modem

Grounding the dish

  • Dish grounded according to the requirement of the NEC or National Electric Code
  • This should safeguard users from electrical surges, static electricity discharges and other direct lightning strikes
  • Wind creates static on the cable and antenna because the dish is outdoors; electricity passes when the charge builds up on both of them; to dissipate this static charge a coaxial cable is connected to the dish to build a grounding electrode system

Liberty plan

  • Viasat’s Liberty Plan provides users with both speed and flexibility
  • Set an amount of Priority Data and get download speeds of up to 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps (in select areas)
  • Continue to use additional data during the day without having to pay extra with speeds of up to 1 to 5 Mbps
  • Moreover, users can download the Viasat browser with ad-blocking features to minimize data usage