Internet has become one of the very demanded resources, being demanded for both a workplace and for a home. Almost any gadget today can run or be value added by just connecting it to the internet. You will have to have a reliable internet service provider, for your gadgets to function to their fullest. 

Viasat vs HughesNet

Viasat vs HughesNet

As new ways are being found to bring internet to the most remote corners of the world, satellite becomes the spear head of communication technology in recent times. Viasat and Hughesnet are two companies that lead the market in satellite internet. It is natural to compare the two.

So, in this blog, we will analyse the differences between the companies, the plans they offer, the pros and the cons of each of these companies. 

Viasat vs Hughesnet | Plans Comparison 

Both of these companies can offer internet connections that can reach unto a 100 mbps in speed. 

While Hughesnet offers services to predominantly to domestic Internets and SMEs, Viasat offers services to enterprises at all level. They claim to have infrastructure to provide internet connectivity to even Defence industries, and claim to have a top-notch security for the service they offer. This is one promise Hughesnet cannot make. 

The data caps that the companies provide are also different. Given the fact that both are practically offering unlimited data, the catch is up to what data limits do they provide the internet at the speed that arrives with the plans from 35GB to 350 GB. On the other hand, Hughesnest provides caps that range between 10-50 GB. 

 Both of these companies provide plans to domestic users, small and medium scale enterprises, and for the bigger businesses. The key difference in their plans is the price .

In a direct, plan to plan comparison, the price at which Hughesnet is offered, is a bit lower than the price at which Viasat offers internet.

But this again might be because of the simple fact that the speed of the internet is a bit higher when it comes to Viasat. 

Viasat vs Hughesnet | Speed Comparison

As spoke about in the earlier point, the speed at which you can avail internet via Viasat is a bit higher than what Hughesnet offers. The speed limit between which Viasat internet operates is, from 12MBPS to 100 MBPS.

The data speed depends on where you live and what plans you choose. Hughesnet on the other hand offers a standard speed of 25 MBPS. 

Here is the bright side though. As per user reports, the speed of the Viasat internet is unstable across geographical locations. Meaning, not all the users connected tot he internet through Viasat have the same speed.

There are regions that experience above average range and speed, while there are regions where the users experience a below average speed.

Hughesnet offers a stable internet connectivity in comparison, for all their connections have the same speed, though the average speed of their service is a little lesser than that of Viasat. 

Number of plans | Viasat vs HughesNet 

Viasat, since is looking for a larger audience, obviously offers a wider protfolio of plans, at more fine-grained prices. You will have the option to pick from a lot of plans that are available for  families and businesses agencies

Talking about plans, Viasat internet plans also takes the responsibolity to provide you with a 2 year price lock on the plan that you pic if you are organizational user, and takes full responsibility of deploying the necessary inftastructure on the organization.For instance, if you were to pick Viasat Voice, Viasat makes sure to deploy free satellite phones to all nodes of the connection. 

Hughesnet cannot hold up to these promises, so the verdict of our conclusion is pretty evidently Viasat.

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