Viasat Joins Hands with DirecTV to Provide Unbelievable Offers

Viasat Internet Plans With DirecTV

Viasat Internet Plans With DirecTV

Yes, you heard it right!!! You can now enjoy several benefits from the best TV provider and high-speed internet connection at an affordable price. Check out the Viasat Internet plans with DirecTV before you purchase the package.

Viasat and DirecTV 

Viasat internet and DirecTV is the best plan that any entertainment lover can opt for and here is the list of features that users can avail by activating this astonishing bundle

  • You can access more than two-hundred plus channels along with super-fast internet connectivity
  • Users who are novice can acquire special offers and discount for the first twelve months of purchase
  • You can actually save $120 in Viasat Internet plan with DirecTV subscription for the first year
  • Customers who already utilize DirecTV can shift to Viasat internet without any hindrance
  • Watch NFL Sunday Ticket exclusively available on DirecTV to stream each and every out-of-market game
  • Get ready to stream NFL games Live played by your favorite teams
  • Acquire the premium channels like HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and CINEMAX without paying a penny for the first three months of subscription
  • DirecTV Genie HD DVR is yet another feature which lets you stream videos with vibrant and crystal-clear picture quality and more than five shows can be recorded simultaneously.

Things you Need to Know Before Activating Viasat Internet Bundle

  • Users who already have a satellite dish for television service should install a second dish for Viasat internet and DirecTV
  • Though you acquire Viasat internet and DirecTV as a bundle, you will receive two separate bills
  • Viasat billing will necessitate your bank account or credit card info and charges will be procured on a monthly basis
  • After billing, you will acquire the invoice which is very different from DirecTV invoice.

DirecTV – Overview

DirecTV is one of the finest satellite TV service providers in the United States with nearly twenty million active customers. It is a subsidiary of AT &T communications which says it all. Check out the subscription packages available in DirecTV that you can avail and stream using the super-fast Viasat internet


  • Price: $35/month
  • Number of channels: 155+
  • Channels that gain the spotlight: HGTV, TNT, USA, CN
  • Special features: NFL Sunday Ticket & Genie HD DVR


  • Price: $40/month
  • Number of channels: 160+
  • Channels that gain the spotlight: ESPN, ESPN2, NBCSN
  • Special features: NFL Sunday Ticket & Genie HD DVR


  • Price: $45/month
  • Number of channels: 185+
  • Channels that gain the spotlight: NETWORK, GAMESHOW, OWN, Nicktoons
  • Special features: NFL Sunday Ticket & Genie HD DVR


  • Price: $55/month
  • Number of channels: 255+
  • Channels that gain the spotlight: NBC UNIVERSO, OXYGEN, GOLF
  • Special features: NFL Sunday Ticket & Genie HD DVR


  • Price: $60/month
  • Number of channels: 250+
  • Channels that gain the spotlight: STARZ ENCORE, STARZ ENCORE ACTION, BOOMERANG
  • Special features: NFL Sunday Ticket & Genie HD DVR


  • Price: $110/month
  • Number of channels: 330+
  • Channels that gain the spotlight: HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX & EPIX
  • Special features: NFL Sunday Ticket, premium channels & Genie HD DVR

DirecTV Internet bundles

  • You can subscribe to HughesNet which offers internet for $74.99/month and the download speed you can avail is up to 25 Mbps
  • When it comes to AT&T DirecTV internet, you have to pay just $65.00/month and the download speed varies from 5Mbps to 1,000 Mbps
  • In the case of Viasat internet and DirecTV, you will be paying $85.00/month and the download speed varies from 12Mbps to 100Mbps.

Why Prefer Viasat over other Internet Bundles?

  • The internet bundle packages offer identical features but one criterion slashes them and leaves Viasat to be an unconquerable contender of all
  • When you live in rural areas, it is actually hard to get high-speed internet and you will not be able to stream high-quality videos
  • However, you can watch HD contents by activating Viasat which offers uninterrupted internet services even in rural areas

Get Viasat and DirecTV internet bundle activated right away to stream your favorite movies without BUFFERING!!!!