Viasat is one a kind internet service provider, who, amidst all of the DSL based service providers, is one of the satellite based internet provider. This means that the internet connectivity is not limited to a geography, and the installation of the internet is as simple as connecting to the cloud.

Viasat Business Voice

Viasat Business Voice

Viasat claims to have the most robust set of plans, with fine-grained additions made on top of each plan to make it better. One such niche in the plans that Viasat offers in the Business Voice, and is one of the most subscribed to business plans offered by Viasat.

Testimonials :

“To me, there’s no comparison. The customer service is just excellent.”

Lorraine H. – Coos Bay, OR

What is Viasat Business Voice?

As the service industry grows in size, the necessity to stay in touch with the customers and the stake holders of the business becomes more and more necessary. If that is the case, few of the main requirements are good phones and a decent internet connection.

This means your voice process is quite seamless, and you can run an entire fleet of support teams or user education teams, working across boundaries. Viasat Business Voice plan offers you satellite phones, seamless connectivity and the ability to take office on the go, with you.

We’ll take you through each of these  perks that Viasat offers, and we’ll let you decide what’s best for your business.

Satellite Phones!

Viasat as part of the Business Voice plan, offers a piece of hardware as well! A  desktop phone, with all of the latest facilities is available to all of the nodes in the internet connection.

You don’t have to worry about setting the phone up every time you decide to rearrange the connection as these devices are active with the satellite networks. Here are a few features that steal the show when it comes to Viasat Voice phones.

  1. Call forwarding.
  2. Call waiting, call queueing.
  3. Three-way calling.
  4. Directory listing.
  5. Easy number portability.

These features come in handy when your business needs to cater to the customer’s call!

Mobile Applications for the Viasat Phones

Today, offices have become but places to gather and collaborate. Office spaces solve no purpose but to simply brainstorm ideas. So, if you were to decide to work on the go, or work from home, this phone wouldn’t be the one to stop you.

Simply by installing an application, you can make any smart phone, or any device, for that matter, your office landline.

This application alone could make your work phone and your personal phone can become one and the same!

There is no stopping you from working on the go with the Viasat Business Voice plan. Though there’s a lot more you can do with the application, all of the features are simply just an extrapolation of the features on your mobile!

You can record calls, connect three-way calls, or forward your calls from your mobile as well. All of these, and you don’t even have to budge. You will simply have to request for a connection, and get the assistance from our Viasat executives

Call Quality in Viasat Phones

Viasat, since understands that the Buiness users prefer Voice plan to focus on support, or placing extensive calls, they concentrate on making the quality of these calls beyond par.

The internet connectivity that comes along with these voice facilities in the Business Voice plan is similar to any other plan offered by Viasat internet. The speed can go beyond a 100 MBPS, and the geographic location of your office does not matter, at all!

Since its the  satellite network, the consistency and the range are high as well. Please make sure to test the connectivity speed and the number of allowed nodes in your plan before the installation.

If you are looking to buy these plans for your office, or for your home,please let us know

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