Satellite Internet is the Newest Hype in the field of Connectivity

Satellite internet is a wireless connection, it involves the usage of three satellite dishes; one is situated at the web service provider hub, the other is situated in space and one is fixed at your home or office.

Get Unlimited Satellite Internet

Get Unlimited Satellite Internet

The service is readily available worldwide and it allows users to have access to the internet. This is possible even in areas that are not easily accessible by DSL and Conventional Service providers

Satellite internet providers are sources of the best internet connectivity and are very reliable to the user. In this blog post, we are going to see the different satellite internet providers beginning with Viasat

All you Need to Know about Viasat Satellite Internet

Viasat offers the first satellite internet service at up to 100 Mbps speed to consumer’s homes. The internet speed is faster than that of the ordinary DSL connections by 10 times. Viasat promises more data and entertainment at home and not charging overage charges.

Viasat is taking a lot of steps to achieve this by optimizing video streams and by maximizing ground network efficiency leading to more data for each person.

This, in turn, results in an offering that allows the users to use the service even after the monthly limit, depends on availability. Besides, it has an exception to the peak periods where congestion might limit the amount of service


The new promised service is powered by the latest and greatest Viasat-2 Satellite system. This includes the most advanced and highest capacity com-satellite present in orbit with the leading edge of technology and innovations present in satellite ground infrastructure.

Viasat promises that its internet service will offer many new capabilities with the latest technology. Besides, a modem with two Gigabit Ethernet ports increases the range on the device allowing every user to connect to the device seamlessly, with no hassle at all

Benefits of Using Viasat

Viasat Internet Plans also contains an integrated phone port that operates on the home gateway. This allows instant activation of phone service without the need for a separate Analog Telephone Adapter or ATA for short. Moreover, users can also go for EasyCare Support, that offers free on-site service calls whenever necessary.

The company also plans to enable Viasat-2 services on both the enterprise and government front. In all cases, Viasat promises more internet connectivity and satellite capacity. It means that users will never experience a glitch in their systems and have amplified access to Viasat services with a wide area spectrum of reach

HughesNet Unlimited Internet 

The second-best satellite internet service provider is HughesNet which offers a wide range of plans.

They start from $60 a month to $150 a month each having a separate tier. The plan is however according to the user’s affordability. HughesNet is reliable and more efficient in rural areas and moreover, it also offers high availability of service ranging from 10 GB to 50 GB usage of data.

HughesNet offers reliable speeds in downloads and uploads alike. It is highly secure and offers prices that fit a person’s budget. HughesNet has a smart sensor which automatically reduces the quality of the streaming service while watching a movie or any other show.

It allows the usage of less amount of data further invoking an optimized lag-less stream of data

HughesNet also offers a bonus data zone from 2 am to 8 am every day of 50 GB. Plans are highly customizable too and this enables you easy access to download your favorite shows and tv series. The best part is that it renews every month.

Security is the best in HughesNet and it offers a great deal of privacy tools. Phishing and Hacking are near to impossible for a HughesNet user as it provides a VPN layer of security

HughesNet Gen 5 is an intelligent system that offers reliable connectivity all over the house. The range of the device is high often leading the user to think twice before leaving behind the awesome speed and reliable service of HughesNet connection