Best Internet Providers in USA

Hunt for the best internet service providers in the United States could rely on many aspects including your location, your internet needs, and network availability.

Best Internet Providers

Best Internet Providers

We have carried out extensive research to determine the best internet provider which we hope will be helpful for you

Criteria for Choosing the Best Internet Providers 

Usually, we would suggest you choose the internet provider for your location based on these criteria

Best Network Coverage

  • The latest survey from Federal Communications Commission(FCC) might leave you shell-shocked as it states that more than 85% of Americans have access to just 2 or 3 providers in their respective locations
  • Moreover, it also conveys that satellite internet providers are available everywhere and we also think it’s one of the biggest selling points of satellite network
  • Besides that, close to 30% of American citizens left with just one option to choose in their respective locations
  • What might be the reason? We think that the Cartel agreement between the providers will be influencing there. Maybe or May not be.
  • It looks like some of the Monopolies staging a well-planned drama to avoid competition.
  • The Satellite Internet excels in eliminating all these issues and that’s an important fact to remember

Best Internet Speed

  • Based on FCC’s recent manifesto, we have filtered out this comparison based on the benchmark speed of 25 Mbps.
  • We have structured this comparison article on the basis of valuable feedbacks gathered from internet users.

Customer Reviews for the Best Internet Providers

  • It’s not possible that we can solve all the issues by ourselves all the time. The situation of needing help from customer care team could arrive sooner or later.
  • So, the quality of customer service plays a decisive role while choosing the best internet provider.
  • We have mastered some of the customer ratings from the reliable sources available and listed out the best Internet provider on the basis of this platform

Select the Best Internet Connection Types

There are various types of connectivity available around the United States on the basis of availability in your respective location.

  • The Digital Subscriber Line(DSL) is one of the basic modes of a wired connection, which offers its services through telephone lines
  • Meanwhile, the Cable Internet is offering its services by the means of cable network
  • The Fiber Internet is known for offering its services through fiber-optic cables
  • The Satellite Internet is known for its hassle-free services and its availability even in remote areas

*You could still feel the presence of other providers apart from this, yet these are most usual providers in the United States.

Comparing the Best Internet Providers






Data cap

Viasat $50-$150/mo 12-100 Mbps

35-150 GB


$60-$140/mo 25 Mbps

50 GB



100-1000 Mbps

1 TB


$30-$300/mo 25 Mbps-2 Gbps


Century Link

$45-$65/mo 12-1000



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Our Best Pick – Viasat Internet Provider

  • You may ask us the question why the heck did you chose Viasat over others? The Answer is simple that Viasat internet ticked the most important box in the form of availability
  • Viasat makes full use of the Satellite Internet’s most distinctive attribute which is to reach remote areas
  • And even if you’re satisfied with our suggestions on Satellite Internet, you may still ask us the question, ”Why Viasat over HughesNet?”. We will show you the tabular evidence for that question.

Why Viasat over HughesNet?




(For Downloading)

12-100 Mbps

25 Mbps

Data Cap

150 GB

50 GB

Prices start from



Max. Price



Extras and Bundles from Viasat

Viasat + DirecTV

  • If you’re deciding to procure Viasat Internet for your home, without any delay just start bundling with satellite television provider DirecTV
  • It’s quite hard to deny the fact that you could save up to $10 per month off your Internet bills when you bundle
  • You’ll relish the high-speed satellite internet and some of the astounding entertainment via DirecTV

Viasat voice

  • The exciting home phone service lets you save $10 per month when you bundle it with Viasat Internet
  • It acts as the perfect replacement for the traditional landline phones along with some business-class features
  • Right then the sole reason we picked Viasat Internet is for the fact that it’s impossible to get missed under its widespread network
  • We are delightedly awaiting your calls on our toll-free number +1-844-804-3050. Try ringing it right away!

Disclaimer: The aforementioned pieces of information in this article are gathered from the official website of network providers. The Internet speeds may vary according to your respective location due to various technical issues associated with these providers.