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Satellite internet roughly explained, is a type of service that transmits and receives data from a satellite orbiting the earth.

Need for Satellite Internet Providers

Primarily if you are working out of a location that has minimal access to internet and Wi-Fi facilities, you can avail of the satellite internet providers’ services to get you online. Other internet and cable options such as the DSL are unavailable and therefore, especially if you are using a dialup service, choose to upgrade to the satellite internet because it is relatively faster.


Internet-Ready System

The Dish

1. Position the satellite dish precisely, so that the signals are beamed into the provider’s satellite orbiting above the earth so that information can be received

2. A certified technician generally takes care of the entire installation process

3. Positioning is of utmost importance because your account is set up under a precise spot beam

4. Geostationary Space Satellite

5. While the satellite might appear stationary, it is actually orbiting in exactly the same speed as the earth’s rotation

6. Located around 22,300 miles directly over the equator, the geostationary satellite relays consistent signals while enabling two-way data communication

Viasat internet has its own satellite equipped with spot beam technology. Rather than using the spot beam across the country, it actually covers areas that primarily require the service. With this, rather than accessing commonly-viewed content, users can access personalized content.

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Network Operations Center

1. Information requested from the internet, when you open Facebook, click on a link, or stream a show, this information is sent to the NOC

2. The center, in turn, uses a much larger dish to capture this information and taps into the internet to gather your request and then send it back to you

3. In other words, information is beamed into space 22,000 miles back and forth twice in just fractions of a second

4. Because data requests pass so high up, sometimes you might face a latency or lag

5. But with technological advancements satellite internet, today is able to provide information faster than before


It is easier to source satellite internet in the United States than even the cable or the DSL

Anywhere along the stateside, you will see a satellite network coverage including into mountainous and remote regions where getting a cable or DSL service, is impossible

Multiple users

Nowadays, households possess more than one internet-enabled device

To accommodate all of these a fast satellite internet may help connect every individual machine simultaneously without the other getting logged off

Easy to use

Certainly, satellite internets are easy to set up and use

Most of the time, internet access is almost immediately without the requirement of any additional cabling

Viasat Internet

1. Available across the United States, Viasat internet comes with download speeds of up to 25 Mbps

2. With a variety of internet plans, you also have the option of subscribing to unlimited data plans

3. If you have no access to cable or DSL or just want to switch over to satellite internet, get Viasat for affordable and fast internet services

4. Look for satellite internet plans in your area by entering your Zip Code on the website

5. Basically, Viasat offers internet services for Homes and for Businesses

1. Business Internet services begin at just $50 per mo

2. In addition, with unlimited data plans, avail up to a speed of 35 Mbps across the United States

3. Furthermore, Viasat also offers quick installation and setup services and its support services are open 7 days a week

4. It also helps connect all crucial business applications seamlessly through the satellite

1. Business hotspots are available as well starting at just $40 per month inclusive of features such as:

2. Usage reporting, and web content filtering

3. Distinguished accesses for guests and businesses

4. Wi-Fi network management and monitoring 24 x 7

1. Viasat internet is an easy and affordable option for homes

2. Most of the locations across the United States get Viasat

3. Choose Viasat in case you face regular buffering issues

4. Accomplish all emails, shopping, and other services besides streaming music and HD movies

5. Choose a plan for your area and schedule an installation

6. A technician will visit your premises to have Viasat up and working in no time

1. Save $10 per month when you subscribe to a combination of Viasat and DirecTV for at least 12 months

2. You can also avail of a home phone service through the Viasat internet when you subscribe to this bundle for 6 months

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